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Hello, I am a talented artist and photographer with amyloidosis and have been searching for over 4 years for employment.  My husband is also disabled and a woodworker and blacksmith.  8 years ago if you had told either one of us that we would be in such a desperate situation, I would not have believed you.   My husband was injured on the job a few years ago and then sent back to work after his 8 weeks on work comp and therapy.  He did not feel he was ready to go back to work, but work comp said he was back to 100%, so they sent him back.  He then went camping with his Boy Scout Troop and his back started to bother him again.  He came home on Sunday night unable to walk.  His company said that the camping trip injured his back, so no comp, no disability, nothing.

He did finally get SSI last year.  My disease has been progressing and I am without health insurance.  I also know that there is not a cure for amyloidosis, so I am trying to do all that I can for as long as I can.  In a nutshell amyloidosis is a protein in your system that deposits in your joints causing server arthritis and physically displays as large red bumps on your face and neck.  I was never a beautiful woman and this has made it worse.

Unfortunately I cannot even get a job at McDonalds or even Wal-mart because I am unable to stand for long lengths of time and the disease has affected my appearance greatly.

To make things worse, my digital camera died, so I cannot even pick up any money freelancing.  I do have a small business that I have been running at art shows, but the price of gas has made it impossible to go to the shows, and the ones that we have done the sales are not even enough to make up for vendor fee.

What I really would love is to sell my jewelry, like $10,000 or so, I really, really enjoy sculpting and photography and want to be successful at it. 

We are going to be losing our home, and with our disabilities and our dogs, we do not know where we will go.  If anyone can help us our monetarily, we would greatly appreciate it.  We are both Christians and will keep you in our prayers.
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